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Puppy Culture - The Forward Thinking in Puppy Socialisation and Raising Well Adjusted, Happy Dogs!

Puppy Culture is one of the things we do that we are very proud of and are happy to promote among other breeders and pet owners.

Puppy Culture was developed by Jane Messineo Lindquist (Killion). It is a socialisation and training program for puppies from birth to 12 weeks of age, which is based on positive reinforcement methods. It outlines age-appropriate protocols guided by behavioural markers shown by the puppies at their different developmental stages.

It is a comprehensive program optimising puppies' physical and mental development. It is based on the latest scientific research and provides puppies with a wide range of early learning experiences and socialisation opportunities. It aims to give puppies a foundation of experiences and skills that help them grow into confident, well-adjusted adult dogs.

PC is truly enriching - for the puppies, the breeders and the owners. We were fortunate to come across Puppy Culture just before our first litter and continued to use it with our every litter, including our latest.

There is so much out there about PC, and we recommend starting directly at the source!

I have attached videos, links and a podcast, which sums up everything I would say and outline as a breeder, about Puppy Culture and more, from start to finish!

Grab a cup of tea (or coffee!), and enjoy the links!




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