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The beginnings... 

Dogs became a part of my life from early childhood and continue to be its essential key.

From early 2006 at 12 years old, I've been widely interested in cynology and show scenes in Poland. With continuous growing interest, support and encouragement from my family and many people I've met throughout this experience, I got involved in Junior Handling, where I successfully competed across the country, gaining essential experience and knowledge of handling various breeds of dogs, including my beloved Whippets.


A dream of owning a Whippet - or being owned by one, as it turned out - was soon born as I fell in love with their outstanding, loving temperament and elegant, delicate yet strong appearance and outline.

It took nearly ten years before the dream became a reality, but finally, after a long wait, my dream came true.

Making dreams come true.... 

In September 2015, I visited the kennel Nugabe in Spain and my little dream - Nugabe Barbie Juarez.

She was my very first pick from the litter when I saw her sired by Ch Last Superman Of Gentle Mind, out of Ch Nugabe Wysiwyg.

I was happy to welcome her home in Ireland in October 2015 in co-ownership with her breeders - Raúl Valverde, Carme Cantallops and Ignacio Garcia, whom I am forever grateful for entrusting me with "Fay" and for allowing her to join me overseas on our adventure together. Over the years, she proved to be nothing but a delight to live with!

Our journey together...

At the age of 5 and a half months, she began her show career and, until the present day, surprises me every time she steps into the ring, from being awarded Best Baby Puppy In Breed at her show debut to weeks later going all the way to win Puppy Stakes out of the total entry of 60 quality dogs, qualifying her for prestigious Irish "Pup Of The Year" contest.


From baby and puppy career through junior and to adult, Fay continuously proves herself in the show ring in Ireland and Europe, where she's campaigned at selected shows with some outstanding results.

She's currently International Beauty Champion, Irish Champion, Croatian Champion, Irish Junior Champion, Poland Junior Winner 2016 and double Split Winner 2017 & 2019.

In March 2021, on our first outing in the competition, she also won Champion Stakes at St. Patrick's International Show, qualifying her for the Irish Dog Show of the Year. 

Her achievements at home and abroad include multiple Best Of Breeds, Group placements, and Group win under highly respected judges and sighthound specialists.

Shannavarius Whippets...

In January 2018 kennel name "Shannavarius" was officially registered with the Irish Kennel Club (IKC) and the Fédération Cynologique Internationale (FCI).

Our aim is to breed healthy, true to the breed standard dogs and fit for function with an outgoing, strong and loving temperament. We endeavour for the excellence of this breed in type, soundness, elegance and outgoing, friendly temperament.

In May 2019, we welcomed our first litter from a truly international combination forming a foundation for our future breeding projects. The pedigree was a first-class blend of European, English and American lines that produced a very special puppy - our singleton girl - Shannavarius Absolut Diva Americana. 


Joy started her show career with a bang going all the way to Reserve Best Baby Puppy In Show at Dublin's International Championship Show on her first show in a high-quality entry. She then repeated her achievement also a week later at the Open Show.


After the pandemic show break, we were happy to come back to the ring, with Joy commencing her International and Irish Champion titles. 

We are looking forward to campaigning our "Joy-ful" girl at home and abroad and are extremely excited to see what's more in store for her.

New kids on the block...

In June 2023, we welcomed our long-awaited litter out of our "Joy" - Shannavarius Absolut Diva Americana, sired by a Portuguese import living in Poland - Southpoint Kilian Foxpolis. This litter exceeded our expectations, producing sound, outgoing and sweet puppies, which found their loving homes in Ireland, the UK and Germany, some to hit the show ring in time to come. 

From this litter, we kept "Marcus" - Shannavarius Vesper Hill's Manhattan in co-ownership with my sister and parents, and "Wiggles" - Shannavarius Villanelle Vana. 

We are super excited about these two. The future looks bright! 

Our Philosophy 

Shannavaris (FCI) was established in 2018 with ongoing interest, love and passion towards the breed since 2006.


We are whippet breed enthusiasts and preservationists, first and foremost. We endeavour for the excellence of this breed in correct type, soundness, elegance and outgoing, friendly temperament.

We have genuine love towards the breed and are fully dedicated to our dogs - their welfare, well-being and overall health. We put a lot of work, love and care into our dogs to ensure they live long and happy lives with us as our beloved companions.

All our breeding plans are carefully thought-out and selected, aiming to improve on and preserve this iconic breed.

We strive to place our puppies in the best homes and families possible, ensuring our puppies are set up for a lifetime of success by creating the best matches possible.

We are registered with the Irish Kennel Club - the most prominent canine organisation in Ireland supporting responsible breeders and purebred pedigree dogs since the 1920s, which is also a member of The Fédération Cynologique Internationale - the world's largest canine organisation uniting purebred enthusiasts and preservationists

I'm a committee member of The Whippet Club of Ireland and a member of The Whippet Club UK.

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