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Not an Impulse Buy!

This is a topic I wanted to discuss in more detail for some time now and it is influenced by the pandemic puppy demand all breeders, including myself, have witnessed in the last 24 months.

Puppy purchase should never be an "impulse buy". A throughout research in the breed should always be carried out and for this very reason, I have included some useful breed resources for any potential whippet puppy owners. These can be found under our "Puppies" section and include some written articles as well as videos from top breed specialists and longtime breeders.

Any reputable breeder and kennel establishment should never have puppies "ready now" or "ready to go soon". Most reputable breeders have an extensive puppy waiting list and a million questions to ask any query that comes their way - "ready to go now" should simply not be a term they'd be familiar with. Of course, life can always throw a curveball and plans can change - be it from the buyer's or breeder's side. Late cancellations, change of circumstances and a puppy may become available, however, it's a rather rare occurrence. If the puppy is available right away, always feel free to ask why.

The three "Good Dog" posters summarise perfectly your journey, as a future owner, in the search for that perfect puppy and breeder.

If you feel like it's taking ages to pick that one breed (if you're not a hundred per cent sure on whippets), one breeder and puppy, it usually means you are doing it correctly. Take your time, read up, research it and get in touch with breeders - ask questions, be curious and get to know your source. If you're happy with what you see, happy with the answers you get, then it seems like it's the right place to consider getting a puppy from.

Building a positive relationship with your breeder is a rewarding experience that will help you in many situations along the way. Puppyhood can be challenging and there's always no better source and help than the person that bred your dog (even as tempting Google is!).

Well-bred puppies don't come for free. And this is a fact! While working with any reputable breeder, there's a lot of thought, effort and care that comes in planning, breeding and rearing a litter of puppies. Endless hours of pedigree research, health testing, and daily day-to-day top care are only some of the aspects reflected in your puppy's price. However, high prices itself does not always reflect responsible and reputable breeding - don't feel intimidated to ask important questions, do a background check to make sure you are not falling into the trap of a puppy farmer or a scammer (and there's a lot of these in whippets too, unfortunately!).

Some of the red flags of a backyard breeder include no health testing, no health guarantee or contract in place, incapability of providing information on the dam and sire of the litter or not being able to show the mother with the puppies, multiple breeds or crossbreeds kept or being produced or "purebred with no papers" motto.

If you feel like any or multiple of these red flags are in common with the breeder you are currently corresponding with, it may seem best to search elsewhere.

Remember, your future puppy is your lifetime companion and in whippets, in general, this can mean that you will share your life for the next 12, to sometimes even 18 years! Be a responsible dog owner and make sure you will remain dedicated to your new furry family member for years to come.

In summary:

➜ Puppies should never be an "impulse buy"!

➜ Do your research and if it's taking longer than expected, it normally means you're doing it right!

➜ Be willing to wait - good breeders would normally have a waiting list.

➜ Choose a breeder - not a puppy!

➜ A "ready to go now" puppy should raise a few questions.

➜ Getting a puppy should not feel like a transaction - get to know your breeder, and build a longtime relationship.

➜ Well-bred puppies don't come for free. But not always a high price = good value.

➜ Watch out for red flags - don't fall into a puppy farmer/backyard breeder's trap! 🚩

➜ A dog, of any breed, is a longtime commitment for 12+ years. Ask yourself a few questions: Am I ready? Is this the ideal time? Did I do my research?

Dogs are our passion, whippets are our lifetime devotion.

We are here to guide you and are always happy to talk to any potential whippet owner.

Copyright © (2022) by Patrycja Buczynska, Shannavarius Whippets. All rights reserved.



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