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A Few Words On Whippets...

This short piece of writing was written by me in summer of 2020, when COVID-19 pandemic took over the world and just like that flooded breeders with puppy enquiries and demands. This text has been slightly altered from the original.

On one of the lovely sunny days Ireland had, I had time to sit down and write this long awaited post that I hope you, the reader, will enjoy.

Since the lockdown, we have received a high number of puppy enquiries. As whippet enthusiasts, we always welcome a genuine interest in this wonderful breed. In order to bring you closer to the ”magic of whippets”, I decided to create a series of upcoming posts reflecting on how it is to share life with them form my own perspective.

When sitting down and writing this post, I had the opportunity to thoughtfully devise all the wonderful qualities the whippet breed has to offer.

From several years of owning whippets and sharing my daily life with them, I can honestly say I would never change them for another breed. Whippets are highly intelligent, versatile and devoted to their family. They are ultimate family members in a full meaning of it and adapt to every kind of lifestyle. They can be your best companion on a sunny outdoor day as well as professional couch potatoes when it's rainy, cold and miserable. Whippet's nature is throughout sweet and loving, gentle and affectionate. They are elegant, easy going and apart from one good run a day, they will be happy in the comfort of the best sofa in the house. Whippets are funny and highly entertaining. I believe our Joy is a perfect example of this as she proves it every single day - her good sense of humour is endless and what a perfect fit her name is to her truly joyful personality! Just as they should be. Even though not fully happy with you leaving in the morning, they will await your return home and welcome you with an overwhelming excitement and wagging tails at the door. For whippets, Sunday's are reserved for a lazy late morning in bed under the duvet followed by a wild adventure wherever you decide to take them - the beach, forest or the local fields close to home. They are addictive breed - once a whippet, always a whippet because you simply can't get enough of them.

As fabulous as they are, I believe whippets are not a breed for everyone and may not suit every household and family. Whippet's puppyhood can be challenging and they will test you in ways you wouldn't ever think a dog can. But after experiencing the growing and adolescent stages of two of my girls, I can certainly say these are fun times as whippets are extremely creative rascals!

But perhaps this is a topic for another day. Some day.

Nevertheless, if you ever find yourself interested in the breed, I'm always open for conversation.



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